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There's nothing more Kawaii than everyone's favorite Strawberry Milk Products! Shop Strawberry Milk Items from Socks to Thermos!
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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Kawaii Teddy Hat

This Teddy Hat looks so good, you will not want to take it off. Leaving home without this would be a mistake.
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Simply Kawaii

Cute Kawaii Bunny Phone & Tablet Holder

This Cute Kawaii Universal Holder is able to adjust it's height and angle. It's perfect for watching shows, doing makeup, and streaming. It allows for comfort and relaxation. Perfect Present and Home Accessory.

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Big & Small

Teddy Bear Plush Backpack For Everyone!

This Teddy Plush Backpack has Two Different Styles for Kids and Teens! The Kids has a Cute and Simple Design while the Teen Pack comes with Chain Straps and Choker!

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Best Selling

Love Plushies and Pillows? Introducing Plushie Pillow!

Select from a variety of different styles

Looks kawaii and adds to any scenery

For comfort and play

4 Different animal plushies

Swap plushies

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